Friday, September 27, 2013

#ABCsofTeaching Instagram Photo a Day Challenge

It's crazy to think that just a few short months ago I was rolling my eyes at everyone talking about instagram! "Why in the world do I need that?" I kept thinking to myself. Now I'm an addict...

The thing that got my Insta-ball rolling were challenges. I always saw so many cute pictures with the same theme and hashtag. That's why my dear friend Miss Kindergarten and I are challenging you to the #ABCsofTeaching!

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How Does It Work:
All you have to do is add #ABCsofTeaching and the hashtag of the day to your photo description and it's a done deal! 
How Do I See Others in the Challenge:
If you want to see what everyone else is posting for the day just click on the hashtag of the day or search it on instagram. If you'd like to stalk what everyone has been posting for the month just click on the #ABCsofTeaching hashtag or search #ABCsofTeaching on instagram.
I Missed a Day or Two: 
This photo challenge is all about getting to know each other and having fun while doing it. You can join all 26 days or pick and choose. Don't feel like you aren't allowed to join if you missed a few days! Catching this in the middle of the month??? JOIN NOW :) Don't wait. 

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Annie said...

Love this idea! I think October may be my month to start using Instagram! Thanks for sharing :)
Three Cheers for First Grade

Miss Trayers said...

I'm going to try this-looks like fun! I'm an Instagram newbie and still trying to figure out how to really use it, but I love taking pics, so I think it's right up my alley!